Storytime Program Descriptions

Melani Wilkie is an independent contractor librarian located in the Sacramento / Folsom / Roseville area of California.
If you have specific questions you may contact me by email:

The greatest storytime presentations always include a variety of age-appropriate storytelling & reading, music, singing, repetition, and movement… so that everyone has fun, and listening becomes easy.  Children of all ages learn best when they associate positive feelings with what they are doing!

Preschool Storytimes:   An enthusiastic 30 minute interactive program of stories, music, and finger-plays geared toward ages 3 to 5.  Early literacy skills and language enrichment are an integral part of this storytime, which encourages learning through participation.  At a minimum this program contains 3 read aloud books; one non-book story or activity (such as a flannel board or puppets); activity songs for standing up and joining in; and finger-plays repeated for maximum participation. Themes include: colors, counting, ducks, farms, silly stories, bedtime, dogs, cats, ocean stories, things that go… and more. Themed coloring sheets can be provided on request.

ToddlerTime Storytimes: An active and engaging twenty-five minutes of music, rhymes, short stories, and flannel board activities specially selected for your energetic little ones, from new walkers up to age 3.  This program works to engage with short attention spans by using lots of active songs and finger plays as well as sensory activities such as shakers or colorful scarves.  Make new friends and have fun while “secretly” boosting brain development, building up language and vocabulary, and enhancing social and motor skills!

“BookBabies” baby lap-sit storytimes:   A welcoming 30 minute interactive program of music, bounces, sensory stimulation, and a short story designed for babies up to 18 months of age (ideal for those who are not yet walking). This program is designed to help parents and caregivers instill a love of books and language through repetition, rhythm, and rhyme. Elements include: recorded music; simple body- and finger-plays; knee and lap bounces; a sensory activity (such as scarves, a puppet, or shakers); a book (specially selected for age appropriateness); and a flannel board story, song, or activity.

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